Day 1: Comment08

Interesting that this little video continues to get referenced. A year on and we’re still not all that ‘easy’ with video commenting. It seems that words rule whether they’re delimited by 140 characters (Twitter-ish) or given full rein in a blog post. Lots of reasons for this of course – the single most-cited is that video and audio comments can’t be scanned quickly. However I suspect the reticence to use video has as much to do with performance anxiety as it does with lack of scannability.

A first video post for Day 1 of the 31 Day Comment Challenge. Here we go, here we go. Looking forward to meeting many more like-minded bloggers. Good luck!


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  1. Sue Waters Avatar

    Kate – your video is absolutely brilliant! Thanks for recording it. I’m hoping to grab it and embed in my post (if that is okay with you?)

  2. Colin Avatar

    Thanks Kate, for your introduction and welcome to the comment challenge. The video is a nice touch and to see and hear you speak in your own voice makes the conversation more personal.

  3. Talia Avatar

    I’m in the Blog Challenge too!! I wish I did more vlogging, but I just don’t have time, or a webcam. I suppose I could just use hubby’s macbook If I really wanted. That’s the disadvantage of the mac mini I suppose…

  4. Shelley Avatar

    Hello, Kate, and good on you for starting things off with such a warm and welcoming post.

    As is so often the case with me as I wander the blogosphere these days, I find that while taking in your message I was also thinking, “Hmm, how did she do that? Wonder if I could do that?”

    Let’s hear it for inspiration by example!

  5. Kate Foy Avatar
    Kate Foy

    Sue Waters Not at all Sue. Go for it. Not my best camera work, but hey … I’m learning with this Seesmic plug-in. Easy peasy!
    Colin Thanks. I like the personal touch too. Like to put a face and a voice to the posts.
    TaliaNice to meet you! Have a look at Seesmic as a plug-in. It’s on WordPress if you use that platform

  6. Kate Foy Avatar

    Shelley Hi Shelley. I’m using Seesmic which operates on the WP blogging platform via a plug-in. Easy to use as a posting or a commenting tool. See the little raccoon icon below for a hotlink to the seesmic team and for a download.

  7. Jane Lowe Avatar

    Hi Kate
    Thanks for your introduction and welcome to the 31 day comment challenge. I like to read blog but until now haven’t commented enough. Something else I’ve learned since signing up for the challenge is that commenting is a two-way conversation and that if you want to comment back to someone who’s left a comment for you they will see that you appreciated them leaving the comment.
    My son is on exchange in Sweden for a year and when I comment on his blog I often left questions on the early posts only to be told by him that comments are comments not questions! Perhaps I should have had him sign up for the challenge!

  8. Cristina Costa Avatar

    your message is just inspiring!
    I am really excited and at the same time anxious about it.
    This is going to be great fun and I will certainly learn a lot. what else could I ask.
    Happy blogging.
    Off we go!

  9. Michele Martin Avatar

    This is so awesome, Kate–love it! Can we look forward to more video from you to comment on your challenge experiences? That would be a great way to follow along, too!

  10. Kate Foy Avatar

    Jane Lowe Thanks Jane. I agree. A comment or a thanks email is a sweet response. Keeps the comment ball bouncing. Look forward to visiting your blog soon.
    Michele Martin You know I almost did a video comment, but I thought that might be a bit much. Definitely will be using vidposts though!

  11. Kate Foy Avatar

    Cristina Costa Thank you for your kind words on my little video message. Like you I am looking forward to the next 30 days … day 1 is over as I write. I look forward to visiting your blog in the coming days.

  12. Suzanne Avatar

    I will really have to think about using my webcam for some vlogging – it’s not something I’ve ever really considered. Thanks for opening my eyes to that idea, and the welcome.

    Do you think there are differences in the way traditional blogs and video blogs are received? Is the audience the same?

  13. Sarah Stewart Avatar

    Hi Kate, I have just got a new camera so I really get into more videoing because I love the idea of using it for reflection and personal comments. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the challenge – I’m looking forward to it. cheers Sarah

  14. Kate Foy Avatar

    Suzanne Judging by the number of hits/popularity factor, the video posts I’ve made over the past year have attracted most attention. I think people like to put a face and voice to a blogger. I prefer words myself … quicker but concede that video is probably going to be the next big thing on blogs … as the apps get easier to use.

  15. Kate Foy Avatar

    Sarah Stewart Good to see you’re up for the challenge. What persuaded you to get involved? Curious as to why we’re doing this (apart from the goodies on offer).

  16. Diane Hammond Avatar

    Brilliant idea! I blame a lot of things on my age so maybe this is one more I’ll add to the list. I never think of communicating my message through audio or video. I definitely must look at new ways to add my voice to the conversation!

  17. Kate Foy Avatar

    Diane Hammond Thanks. I like video. I guess it has a novelty value in a way but bloggers seem to be taking to it like the proverbial ducks to water!

  18. Kevin Avatar

    The video was a nice welcoming gesture into the Comment Project. Wouldn’t it be cool to use a collaborative video comment feature at some site and mash-up a bunch of the bloggers involved in the project?
    (Jumpcut is one option)
    Just thinking off the top of my head.

  19. Kate Foy Avatar

    What a great idea! I was plotting a weekly video round-up of my adventures. Mashing it up via Jumpcut sounds good. Also a 31 Day Comment Challenge group on Flickr. We could upload videos there now (you need a Pro account tho’).

  20. Kevin Avatar

    I have a pro account.
    If you set up the group, I’ll join it, and work on a video (I know they need to be short via Flickr vid).
    It could be a reflective piece: At the end of a week of commenting, what have you learned?
    Another possible platform: VoiceThread.

  21. Barb Avatar

    Hi Kate. Thanks for the welcome. Enjoying the comment challenge. There certainly will be lots of reading and writing in the next 31 days. Makes me wish I had a class and students again. Maybe I could adopt one. I think the possibilities for students is unlimited

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  23. Kate Foy Avatar

    Kevin OK. I’ll set up the group and invite you to turn out the first comment mashup! I don’t know VoiceThread.

    Barb Ah yes, possibilities with students endless but softly, softly catchee! I find many students suffer from digiphobia unless we lead them clearly, gently and with a sense of purpose through this whole e-learning adventure.

  24. Kevin Avatar


    I just uploaded a Comment Challenge video into the Flickr Group. Will you upload yours, too? And I hope others give it a shot.

    As for VoiceThread, it is a great application — well worth the exploration.
    If you want to try it, I have set up one for my Day in a Sentence project — teachers boil down their day or week into a sentence and then share out. It is usually done via a blog post, but this week, I ventured into VoiceThread.

    Here is the post for this week:

    You would need a VoiceThread Account (it is free) and the VY site is at:

    Take care

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