Crossing the pond for a bit

I’m heading to the USA for a couple of weeks. Despite the over-abundance of cold, white stuff over much of the country, it seems quite the right time to be going, I must say. I’ve set the alarm clock for 3am (AEST) later tonight to watch Barack Obama’s Inauguration ceremony. That is going to be quite a show in its own right. I arrive in LA on the first day of his presidency, and I imagine the joint will be jumping. I’m looking forward to being immersed in what will be some pretty joyful days as the nation celebrates.

And then there’s a quick trip up to Shakespeare and Company at Lenox … out in the wilds of western Massachusetts … there to see the work that’s been done with a troupe of actors during the annual month-long intensive program. Then Boston for some mostly colonial-trail following, but I’ll hunt down the theatre, trust me. Broadway next, to give my regards … and all too quickly, home again.

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