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I was asked by some students recently how, or whether I exercised my own imagination. We had been talking about the ‘most important muscle’, and about keeping it limber. This conversation must have stuck with at least one of the class members, who emailed me a week back wanting to know how to keep working at his acting skills over the long summer break. I wrote back urging him to keep reading, going to movies, talking … real conversation. Then I came across this series of podcasts from NYC public radio. It’s called Radio Lab on WNYC. I listened to one while commuting.

The particular ‘big idea’ that the podcast centered around was on what kind of capsules would you send into space for aliens to gather up, decode and learn something about the human condition. A writer, musician, stand-up comic, and chef put their imaginations to work and came up with wonderful sensory triggers: food, laughter, music, words … assuming aliens can use our technology and read English! Yes it was US-and Euro-centric to a certain extent, but it resonated with me. The whole series is a brain-feeder and imagination sparker.

So I’m going to add another to the ‘to do’ imagination-exercise list: share meals with friends, and savour the experience. Oh, and subscribe to Radio Lab.


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