Countdown and Final Checking

With less than 48 hours to go, the endless list making is starting to make sense. I’m travelling as light as I can, so one check through and one larg-eish handbag, big enough for travel docs, phone, iPad + other must haves on board – priorities here!

I’m still not brave enough to go with one carry-on, though I promise I will some day. The One Bag site is compelling, calling check through luggage ‘mishandled aka lost’ – the traveller’s nightmare. I remember 3 days in Athens a couple of years ago waiting for the lost bag to arrive – torture – but a lesson in packing spare underwear + a toothbrush in whatever bag you carry on with you.

The flight up to LA is about 14 hours, and it’s a mostly daylight flight, so the trick will be to nap for a bit on this leg, and then try to get some real shut-eye on the LA-NYC leg – as long as excitement doesn’t keep us awake, which is highly likely.

Final checking also includes the Posterous autopost feature, so this entry should pop up on my blog only. I’ve unchecked the Autopost Everywhere feature in the sidebar. This post is being sent from the web rather than from the iPhone – checks done!

Thanks for dropping by; do come back from Monday and have a virtual trip with us.






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