Category: Life Snippets

  • The PM, the girls, and the Dogs

    Bulldogs v Lions, originally uploaded by Kevin Rudd PM. No reason for this post other than it’s clearly silly footie finals season, and perhaps only in Australia would a Prime Minister bet on the results of a football match with his Deputy … and then wear the winning team’s tie next day. Here’s Health Minister […]

  • Nature’s Play Gym

    Nature’s Play Gym, originally uploaded by Dramagirl. It’s true what they say … there’s more inspiration to be had in getting up close with nature than can ever be had sitting at a keyboard. I spent a wonderful afternoon today in a city park on the Brisbane River. New Farm Park is filled with wonderful […]

  • A Jolt Out of the Ordinary

    Spending the week by the sea at Hervey Bay north of Brisbane, where the Shakespeare Festival has put down roots for its inaugural season away from home. The week has been full of media calls, watching the set emerge again (like magic, but really with the effort and expertise of the technical production team) from […]

  • The hunt for the perfect swimsuit is over!

    Yes a long-ish drive to Brisbane on the hunt for the perfect swinsuit, but it was also a chance to start listening to a new audio book as I did. The swinish hordes of shoppers were not a bit swinish, and looked very much like me, and indeed were not horde-like … the crowds had […]