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  • On telling tales and mythbusting

    On telling tales and mythbusting

    The Toowomba community, of which I am a part, is in a kind of collective post-traumatic state right now. I am sure we are not alone, and that other places are going through the same ordeal. It’s understandable, given the events of this past week; the horror began here last Monday with a deluge that […]

  • … of drought and flooding rains (Part 2)

    An article I wrote about the flood disaster here in southern Queensland was published in today’s Melbourne Sun Herald newspaper and online. The published version was edited, as it needed to be. Thanks to my Editor (doesn’t that sound grand?) for making it a much tighter piece.  I thought I’d post the full version here […]

  • … of drought and flooding rains

    [forecast] Since well before Christmas the skies have been open above Queensland. The media have told the stories over and over: an area the size of France and Germany combined is under water. The NASA satellite put images to this fact. People have been evacuated from many towns. Lives and property and animals have been […]

  • Winding down – there goes 2010

    We’re in the last week of the year and it’s stocktake time. I’m clearing the shelves for the new year and making all of those resolutions that will be lucky to make it to Easter. Time to think about a list of what to do or not to do in the coming year. Everyone else […]

  • Voting in Brisbane, 1937

    Ah, yes … some things never change, though I see this ‘Ordinary Voting Officer’ is using a fountain pen. Voting in Brisbane, 1937 Originally uploaded by State Library of Queensland, Australia

  • 10 Years on … how technology has changed my world

    Yesterday the new solar panels on my roof started generating energy for the first time, joining the smaller hot-water solar system I’ve been using for a couple of years now.  I was fascinated to see the wheel on the old meter spinning backwards for the first time; the energy company will put in a new […]