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  • Brisbane: Wanted – a cultural reality check

    I heard a great interview this morning on ABC612 Brisbane with Sam Strong, the ‘newish’ (since last November) Artistic Director of Queensland Theatre Company. Among other things, Sam sketched out some of his ideas to make QTC a national theatre leader. Anyway, it was exciting and refreshing to hear Sam hint at his plans and talk up his […]

  • Twitter: to follow or not to follow? That is the question.

    Like many who use social networking software to engage in conversation, I’d characterise myself as a heavy Twitter-user.  And the more I use Twitter, the more followers I get; it’s the nature of viral communication.  I’m now followed by 1400 + people – small beans compared with some.  Now, I follow some who don’t follow […]

  • Happy Birthday Queensland Theatre Company: 40 years on

    Queensland Theatre Company today marks the 40th anniversary of its being signed into existence … literally … by an Act of Parliament: the Queensland Theatre Company Act (1970).  It remains unique in Australia in this regard, and is one of a handful of arts Statutory Authorities in the state.  Perhaps this is indicative of the […]

  • Quote of the Day: Do Not Write a Crock of Shit

    Yes, it’s David Mamet in a memo to the writers of the series The Unit … how could it be anyone else with all those shouty caps. It’s an extract from Don Hall‘s blog, and the coda line is pure Hall.  Read the whole thing of course, and follow Don if you like a bit […]

  • Indie Theatre: how can you tell?

    Icons, branding, labels … the medium as message, but what’s the message or meaning when it comes to theatre labels?  There are lots around, and I’m curious about one in particular – independent. I see it and its diminutive and the very buzzy word indie everywhere.  I’m sufficiently that way inclined – too much of […]

  • Quote of the Day: 3D Is Going to Ruin Movies For a Long Time to Come

    Read the whole piece … a review of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.  Interesting how for this reviewer and, let’s face it, for most of us that it’s the story that matters in the end … Such is the problem with 3D. It is so mind-numbingly amazing that narrative storytelling hasn’t caught up with the […]