Category: Voice and Text

  • Notes Session: reflections on work

    I maintain other blogs, private ones, for use with my acting students … as reflective places. Here are some extracts which chart the learning paths we’ve wandered in. A quote that keeps insisting it be heard … A character is the sum total of her inconsistencies. Living Dangerously and Impulsively In many ways, the approach […]

  • Getting People to Talk: Interviews

    The blog for Shakespeare in Queens Park Festival (SiQP) which I’ve been keeping for a couple of years now has an addition: interviews with some of the key artists, creatives, and technicians. It’s been fun talking to them. What surprised me was that I didn’t have to prod them to reveal all. Once they got going, […]

  • Girding the loins

    I spent yesterday afternoon watching a run-through of a play for which I am voice coach. After the run I had dinner with one of the actors, and we talked less about the run-through, and more about the approach to prepping the body and mind for the act of artistic-athleticism, aka stage performance. Pacing across the […]

  • Talk, Talk, and more Talk!

    End of the academic year once again, and this week has seen us gather as a staff to discuss where we’re at and where we’re going collectively as a Department, and individually as workers within the group. Two and a half days of navel-gazing, planning and wishing on stars resulted in a surprisingly consensual assembly. […]