Category: Voice and Text

  • Podcasting and Presentation

    This is another in a review series I’ve produced from earlier posts on my use of podcasts and podcasting production for learning and teaching. At a recent conference I was asked for samples of what I’ve created, so here I’m going to showcase a few of the podcast productions mentioned in the last post. 2007 […]

  • But wait … here’s another great voice artist

    A couple of days ago I featured a top Yank, Don LaFontaine … today it’s a top Brit, Mike Hurley. This little 14 minute video is from 1994, and my tech friends assure me the equipment and technology qualify as pure nostalgia. But there’s nothing creaky about the voice at work here. Great stuff.

  • Voice Over Stylist

    You’ve heard his voice so often in move trailers, now here’s the face of Don LaFontaine. I came across this little movie this morning. Apart from being a nice intro to the guy behind the microphone, the movie has something to say about how pervasive a great voice can be. He has set the style […]

  • Overused acting notes #3: I Can’t Hear You

    If there were $$s for every time this note were given in rehearsal, there’d be a pot o’ cash worth fighting for. Not being heard can relate to so many problems: insecurity over lines and their meaning, a lack of self-confidence, through to poor technique … breath support and sloppy articulation being two of the […]

  • Working on a Poem

    An old friend in the clergy called last week and asked me if I would like to read a poem at the Carols and Lessons ceremony on Advent Sunday evening. I am always honoured when these requests come to me, and of course flattered that I have been asked. The wonderful Cicely Berry in her […]

  • How do you prep for a role?

    Quite by accident I’m reading a thriller set in Munich in 1929. The ‘by accident’ part refers to the fact that a lot of my thinking right now is centred around the production of Cabaret in which I’ve been cast. The ‘reading a thriller’ part is simply what I do for recreational reading … the […]