Category: Productions

  • Design Really Does Matter

    Stumbled upon this vidcast from Canadian educator Dean Shareski given at the 2007 K-12 Online Conference. Dean’s nicely produced 25′ video discusses the importance of design in education. He’s even produced a teaser trailer on YouTube. Now that’s innovative! Dean roams across design principles introducing some innovative ways of thinking about classroom space as well […]

  • A week of transitions

    Image by Dramagirl via Flickr A week of moving from classroom to performance space with the students; selling a home; seeing a child step out. Flying Solo drew breath for the first time this week in public. It’s the umbrella project for the one-person shows the third year acting majors have devised, written, and are […]

  • Where have I been?

    Cover of Mad Forest: A Play from Romania There have been very few posts to this blog for a couple of weeks, and for good reason. They have all been made to another (private group) blog of mine, which is currently charting the progress of work on a production with a group of acting majors […]

  • A Jolt Out of the Ordinary

    Spending the week by the sea at Hervey Bay north of Brisbane, where the Shakespeare Festival has put down roots for its inaugural season away from home. The week has been full of media calls, watching the set emerge again (like magic, but really with the effort and expertise of the technical production team) from […]

  • Footling Round in Websites and USQ’s Shakespeare in Queen’s Park site

    Time to change my current Shakespeare in Queens Park Festival site from iWeb over to a server at work. Too many hits (modest blush) and chewing up bandwidth. Can’t wait for iWeb to sort itself out in terms of making a little easier the “publishing to a folder” and creating more than one domain site. […]