Carbon-Neutral Theatre

Punch's Fancy Portraits No 37: Oscar Wilde.
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Well who would have thought? In these days of responsible consumerism … is there any such thing … Queensland Theatre Company partnered up with URS in a first for Australia, setting the stage for the start of a sustainable energy program. Theatre production is an energy resource hog; think lighting for a start. Then there are all the production-related artefacts: costumes, makeup, sets, props … made or imported, the cost of travel for artists, creatives, audiences. Marketing and publicity eat up energy … ink, paper, online resources.

And so the latest production from the state’s flagship company The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde was the first carbon-neutral theatre production in the country. This time round, offsets were purchased by the production sponsor URS as part of their sponsorship support. In time, real sustainability is the goal. Bring on those solar panels with some creative solutions for transport.

Congratulations Queensland Theatre Company and URS.

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