BlipFM: my favourite streaming music site

If you haven’t discovered it yet, give BlipFM a try. BlipFM has a Twitter-like interface where you can see what others are listening to from the great BlipFM catalogue of music. You can search by artist or title to see if your favourite is there, and then other BlipFM DJs (you are a DJ on BlipFM) get to see what you’re listening to. They can send you what are called ‘props’ i.e., little virtual thanks for particular choices, and you can do likewise when something turns up that you like … all very interactive and fun as well as enabling you to make a great playlist, a list of favourite DJs when you get to know their taste, and to comment on your own choices. As well as old favourites, new stuff and random oddities, it’s also host to new music from composers and bands hoping to get known further.

I packed out my office of 21 years last week as I listened to my BlipFM playlist on the computer.

You can send blips as a hello to someone else on BlipFM. One of my ‘favourite DJs’ in the UK sent me one this morning. It’s autumn over there, she knows I love Chet Baker, so here it was waiting for me in my email. I simply embedded the link. Enjoy!


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