Air today … G4 Ever

Image: Lovehearts from Duncan

Now I am not a fickle friend. I stick with the tried and true, but b’gosh the new Mac Air looks fine from out front. It has the sleekness of a thoroughbred race-horse, a denizen of the catwalk, a sports-car.

Having said that, and despite drawbacks some of which are already being blogged about all over, I remain hopelessly devoted to my G4 Powerbook in its 12″ guise. Yes, it’s fatter than the supermodel Air, but we’ve clocked up many air miles and conferences, late-night sessions and all-round good times together. And it’s slightly smaller still … the Air is a 13.3″ screen model.

Thin is not always better even if your curved bottom appears to float! Puh-leese.

Love you G4.





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