31 Steps: Taking the Challenge

Michelle Martin’s Bamboo Project blog is great. I’ve found her blog ‘voice’ both warm and enthusiastic, so I have no doubt she’s a top teacher. I’ve been sucked in to a small but growing group of bloggers who are taking Michelle’s via Problogger Darren Rowse’s ’31 Days to a Better Blog.’

I wrote in a couple of posts back there about washing my blog’s face, and how I had been inspired by Bob Walsh’s excellent ‘Clear Blogging.’ Darren’s tips and Michelle’s smart team-support approach to keeping up has got me started.

I checked out Cammy Bean and her blog Learning Visions. Her Blogger-based site is very attractive: clean design, well laid out, and those green apples look good enough to eat! Cammy is another blogger on the challenge team. She is working on the same kind of project as I am right now and something getting some space around the blogosphere–online portfolios. I dropped her a note.

Speaking of where to host your blog, I’d be keen to hear others’ preferences and reasons for choosing one bloghost over another. I like Blogger. I’m currently experimenting with Vox but it’s too soon to say. I’ve not gone to Typepad yet. Cost issues aside, what makes for a good bloghost?

Back to the challenge. I did a forum search on a couple of key professional interest areas but I have to confess not much luck thus far. Many seemed to have been created around a time-limited event, or are dormant. Will persist in this one, as it seems a smart thing to trawl out there to find like-minded individuals to direct to your blog. Hadn’t thought of this. Do you think perhaps, blogs are taking the place of forums?

What I did find via another of my blogs (a special-interest non-pro focus) was a local group. I posted, got an email back, and hey presto, we’re in touch. Neat.





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  1. Sue Waters Avatar
    Sue Waters

    Hi Kate

    I am also part of Michelle’s challenge (although we have added the sweet twist of chocolate to it).

    If you are new to blogging than I think that blogger is a really good choice – easy to use and lots of features. I use Edublobs.org which uses WordPress. WordPress is harder to use than blogger but offers you a different features which I like. Also Edublogs has excellent support and look after their customers well.

    The forums I belong to are different than blogs and I find blogs definitely do not take the place of forums. Many of the people I interact within forums, are involved with the forum and most probably do not read blogs. Since you are also an Australian Educator , like myself, I suggest you check out the EDNA forum I belong to EDNA 2007 E-Learning Networks Community Forum.


  2. Kate Foy Avatar
    Kate Foy

    Hi Sue
    thanks for all that. I’ll give EDNA’s forum a try. I dipped a tentative toe into Edublogs a while back, but didn’t persist. I’ll take some time to do so again.

    I noticed your Cadbury’s bribe! There’s a killer instinct to win ..


  3. Cammy Bean Avatar
    Cammy Bean

    Hi Kate,

    Thanks for the compliments on my blog’s look. I reworked it just a few weeks ago (before the 31 Day Challenge) to get something that would look a little “more professional”.

    It’s exciting to be linking up to new bloggers from all over the world — and I’m delighted to now be connected to you!


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