I’ve created and collected audio files across the years I have been playing with digital tools. The focus has been eclectic: education, theatre history, traveller’s tales and atmospheric ‘sound-shots’ from places visited. They are spoken or captured sounds rather than written blog posts, although there are plenty of those too on this site.

I thought it was time to collect, sort and host my sound files and podcasts here on this site rather than elsewhere on the web. So, I’ve created a podcast titled Talking Theatre though there’s much more than just theatre chat here. It’s a bit of a rag-bag of topics and posts but there you go. Maybe ‘Ragbag’ would’ve been a better name. Ah, well.

My plan is to add to this collection of episodes on a semi-regular basis. You will find the audio files among the other blog posts but they are all collected here:


If you like what you hear, and would like to keep in touch and listen whenever a new episode gets published, just hit the Subscribe button once you get there.

I hope you enjoy listening.