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Goodbye London

As much as I’m longing for home, I am always sad when I leave this town.
10 visits later, it feels like a second home to me, having spent some formative years here a long time ago. London is a place that truly one can never tire of. It’s so different to when I first arrived here over 50 years ago and yet, it’s still (comfortingly) the same, for the old and the new exist easily side by side. The new in the faces and voices, the architecture – the old in the much the same.

I’ll be back … I hope.
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Travels Far and Wide – a blog

I set up a travel-dedicated Tumblr account a few years ago. I called it Travels Far and Wide. Click on the hotlink to check it out.

It’s a nice layout that showcases some of the best of my travel photographs along with very brief comments. Tumblr’s focus on images makes it a good platform for my needs.

More in-depth blog posts will also appear here in my website. They’ll be tagged #dramagirltravels


Image: KFoy

Musical Theatre in Brisbane and Where to After Graduation: a few thoughts from 2012

It’s that time in the year when I look back over the one almost gone and think about the changes that have happened. I have had quite a few conversations of late with young men and women about to enter the profession. All are ready; all are hungry to work.  Where to now? Then this from 2012 appeared as I was clearing out old files. I’ve dusted it off and am posting it here. How have things changed? Much, little, not at all? What do you think? Join in. 

April 9, 2012

A few weeks back I found myself in front of a lot of Harvest Rain interns at one of their regular Friday Behind the Red Curtain seminar sessions. On the panel (chaired by Artistic Director of HR, Tim O’Connor) were three other actors: Steven Tandy, Bryan Probets, and Cameron Hurry.  As you’d expect, the students’ questions and subsequent discussion revolved around the business of acting. Continue reading “Musical Theatre in Brisbane and Where to After Graduation: a few thoughts from 2012”

Musings …

Getting back to work in a company is absolutely critical for anyone who ‘teaches’ acting. I have learned so much this time around – do we ever stop learning I wonder – about this most elusive and testing art form that, in part at least, is about ‘Behaving truthfully in imaginary circumstances.’ Stamina, focus, preparation, humility, rolling with the punches – all the stuff we go on and on about becomes meaningful yet again when experienced.

(QUARTET 2016)