Live tweeting a performance – from the other side

Quite without planning it, I found myself live-tweeting on the opening night of a recent production of Secret Bridesmaids’ Business by Elizabeth Coleman (for Toowoomba’s Empire Theatre). I happened to be in my dressing-room doing a final email check of best wishes and ‘Chookas‘ when the Stage Manager gave the company stand-by call for beginners. That was me – I was a beginner – on first. I felt the familiar excited ‘tingle’ in my fingers; this is my own pre-show adrenalin-rush.

Impulsively, I tweeted that I was about to go on stage and mentioned the buzz out front and backstage. I knew many of my friends and theatre colleagues would be online at the time. They also knew I was in a show, and some knew it was opening night. I made up a hashtag on the spot, #secretbridesmaidsbiz, and off that first tweet went. At various intervals during the next two and a half hours I sent out more tweets. These ‘push’ tweets turned into a running commentary on what was happening at that performance and how I was feeling about it.

Whist I have live-tweeted shows as an audience member in the past – once at the request of a company during action on stage, but more often at interval or afterwards – I realised that, for the first time, I was live-tweeting a performance from my perspective as an actor. Now, this is not new, of course; Jane Fonda live-tweeted from backstage when she was performing on Broadway in 33 Variations a couple of seasons ago. It was, however, a whole new experience for me –┬álive-tweeting from the other side. Continue reading “Live tweeting a performance – from the other side”