From Custodian to Curator – the challenge for the digital age

I was a conference delegate last month at the Apple University Consortium’s 2009 Create World Conference.  Justin Macdonnell, a keynote presenter put some nicely provocative issues to the floor of digital arts creatives and creative arts academics gathered at Griffith University in Brisbane.

Justin’s keynote, ‘In the Absence of Criticism’ revolved around a couple of questions.  Firstly, in an increasingly web-based world how can we ensure our ‘repository’ of arts-related digital materials are looked after and curated adequately? He was concerned that a failure in the technology, a lack of provenance and critical discourse could mean the obliteration of so much of what he calls our ‘communal memory.’  We could end up, he noted, living in a state of the continual present. Continue reading “From Custodian to Curator – the challenge for the digital age”