Audioboo – who?

It was a pleasure to speak this morning on ABC Radio 612 Brisbane to Spencer Howson. He’d undoubtedly been up and about at some ungodly hour – in the way breakfast hosts usually are.  My interview, scheduled for 6.40am got me out of bed a little earlier than I had anticipated … but how could I refuse?  I had been invited yesterday to talk about AudioBoo, that newish audio blogging tool which I wrote about some time back. Spencer was all bright and sparky and I a little more ‘early morning-ish’ but we cleared up what Audioboo is, how it works and, along the way, diverted into a chat about the slew of new media tools and their potential uses.  Seems very few, if any others in SE Queensland are boo-ing right now. Wonder how long that will take to change!

You can read the transcript, and listen to or download the interview on the ABC website.

You can also listen to a world of boo commentary, including a huge range of voices, dialects and accents on Audioboo’s homepage.  And if that’s not enough for you, visit my Audioboo profile and listen up. Alternatively you could subscribe via RSS or the iTunes Store and never miss one of my boos again.

If you’d like to know a little more about Audioboo you should see Documentally’s post on Our Man –  and follow him; he’s a beaut podcaster and social commentator.  Documentally’s comment that an audio post serves as a ‘catalyst for the imagination’ of the listener reminded me of another old saying: ‘The pictures are better on radio.’ How true it is.

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