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In an effort to avoid those annoying cross-posts but mostly to save time, I set up a travel-dedicated Tumblr account a few years ago. I called it Travels Far and Wide. Click on the hotlink and check it out.

It’s a nice layout that showcases some of the best of my travel photographs along with very brief comments. Tumblr’s focus on images makes it a good platform for my needs.


Image: KFoy

A Tribute to Carol Burns

Last night there was a gathering at the Playhouse Theatre to honour the memory of a great member of the artistic community. I was one of many who spoke of Carol’s life in the theatre, and of our friendship which began as young actors in the founding years of Queensland Theatre Company.

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Brisbane: Wanted – a cultural reality check

I heard a great interview this morning on ABC612 Brisbane with Sam Strong, the ‘newish’ (since last November) Artistic Director of Queensland Theatre Company. Among other things, Sam sketched out some of his ideas to make QTC a national theatre leader. Anyway, it was exciting and refreshing to hear Sam hint at his plans and talk up his ambition for Queensland theatre.

The perception that Queensland theatre is ‘less good’ than that produced elsewhere raised its head again in the interview … the damned cultural cringe beast never goes away, does it? Nothing riles me up faster than the appearance of this nonsense whether at state or national level. I hunted down an angry post I dashed off nearly 6 years ago.

Here it is – from March 20, 2010.

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Reviving the blog

The last time this blog got any attention was over a year ago … and how time has flown.

What was once a busy blog site has become one of those abandoned, archived, lonely corners of the great web. I’ve been working harder at another, niche blog – Greenroom – and using Tumblr and Posterous (before its demise earlier this year) as ways to get material out there quickly. With the loss of more and more third-party sites as repositories of material, it’s apparent that having one’s own self-managed site is no bad idea. So, it’s back to the former Groundling. The site also has pages to my professional c-v and an archive tab in the navigation bar.

What is going to appear here? That, dear reader, depends … on how the mood takes me and whether or not I find the time.

Just dusting down the shelves for now …