Ben Kingsley: ‘We do our best work when we are happy.’

I couldn’t resist posting Charlie Rose’s recent conversation with Ben Kingsley … for a couple of reasons. Firstly Sir Ben talks about the nuts and bolts differerences between stage and screen acting … something we all like to sift through. But in the second part of the conversation, he opens up in quite an extraordinary personal way, providing an intelligent and insightful glimpse of how he works as an actor.

It proves to me, if I needed to be convinced, of what I reckon is the secret ingredient in good performances – the emotional and intellectual intelligence of the actor in the role.

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Author: Kate Wilson

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2 thoughts on “Ben Kingsley: ‘We do our best work when we are happy.’”

  1. Thanks for posting. I originally found this through the theater peeps over on twitter. I love that he says that actors work better when their lives are not in chaos, but better work comes when we are happier. There are too many teachers I have run into that are so “in the moment” that they encourage life to be a mess for the sake of the art.

  2. @Dennis Baker Couldn’t agree more. I believe you need a warm, open heart and a cool head to do your best work. You have neither in emotional chaos. Kingsley really said it simply and well.

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