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I’ve just posted my latest prognostication on the theatre’s use of social media at the Utterli Talking Theatre site.

Matt Boothman, Travis Bedard, ‘Old Bear’ and yours truly have been chatting for about a week now on the theatre’s use of social media for reviewing and marketing, as well as the way audiences might continue and even extend that time-honoured and very sociable activity,  the after-show chat. What’s eventuated is a wide-ranging discussion ‘in our own voices’ using Utterli, a kind of mini-podcasting application.

If you would like to check it out, hop on over to the Talking Theatre group and have a listen to what’s going on. Add your thoughts in your own voice or leave a written comment. All up to you.

And what do you think? Is your group using social media at all? In what ways? Can theatre use social media in more creative ways? How? Dream big.

You might like to check out what I said here.

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Author: Kate Wilson

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2 thoughts on “Talking Theatre: Only Connect”

  1. I think theatres can always be more creative in their use of social media. What I’m generally seeing is: social media is another place to push a production, which doesn’t work. On places like Twitter, I don’t want to see ads. The problem is that creative social media takes time. Someone needs to be writing the posts, commenting, and so on and so on. I suppose the question is, can they afford not to have someone working on social media?

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