Day 7 and my week’s worth

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A few words on the week’s adventures with CoComments; niche areas; and video posts and comments

Author: Kate Wilson

Actor, director, teacher, dabbler with paint, serial traveller.

3 thoughts on “Day 7 and my week’s worth”

  1. No video comment today cause I haven’t done my hair šŸ™‚ . I agree about the cocomment interface but how would you simplify it? Maybe I will get more comfortable with video comments (once I’ve done my hair and makeup LOL) — now all we need to do is get them to work out how to feed through the video feed in the comments when comment tracking services grab them.

  2. You should see my hair right now! Well no, you shouldn’t.

    To simplifying CoComment: take a look at the first page. The eye is bombarded and you need to click on 6 buttons to see what this gadget will do for you. Too many clicks, not a good first interface … for starters.
    Any app that needs the sort of detailed stepping through which your great blog post addressed is not as simple as it needed to be.

    So guess I should have said simplify the inteface/introduction for potential users. I think the clutter factor extends beyond the first page to the tabbing and drop-downs and the various ways to sort and track comments/conversations/groups/tags etc.

    Yep to your note that there is another design issue for the back end boys re feeding video via tracking services.

    Good design needs to be everywhere, and it should be simple (but no more). Thanks AE.

  3. Kate, I love this video commenting idea–so much more engaging and interesting. I’m going to have to try this over the weekend, as I think it might actually help me pull together my reflections better since I’ve been so busy writing activities I haven’t been able to keep up with the actual tasks. Thanks for doing this and getting me thinking in some new directions!

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