Flickr Challenge Group open

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31 Day Comment Challenge Group on Flickr

Author: Kate Wilson

Actor, director, teacher, dabbler with paint, serial traveller.

5 thoughts on “Flickr Challenge Group open”

  1. Hi Kate — excellent idea. I’ve set up a page on the wiki for the videos and photos. Can you get everyone to tag the photos they upload to Flickr for the challenge to use the tag comment08 as this will feed them across to the wiki.

    Videos are probably better to be embedded so can I get you to embed your videos? As I can’t find your embed code.

  2. Hi Sue.
    If you visit the Flickr site you will see everyone has been asked to tag their photos and videos comment08 so they should feed nicely.

    I’m using a plug-in for the Seesmic videos I post here in the blog. They are all also located on my Seesmic page. Just click on the title of any video and it will take you there, so can get an embed code, re-post etc just as you do for YouTube.

    FYI Seesmic allows you to record directly into each post or comment within the comment pane, and you don’t have to upload or embed the file.

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