Flickr, Schmap and Me

I like to grab images of subjects related to theatre and theatres. I have a growing collection, some of which you can find in my Theatres set on Dramagirl’s Flickr page. I tag all of these public photographs with a pretty liberal Creative Commons licence. It’s a good thing to share these things around.

A couple of weeks back I was approached with a request to use my image of the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, shot last July. It was being considered for inclusion in the 4th edition of the Schmap London Travel Guide. I didn’t know it, so I checked out Schmap, and it’s a great interactive travel site. If you are heading to London, or anywhere covered by Schmap’s guides sometime this year, you might want to check it out.

I heard last night from the publishers that my image has been included. I am now a ‘Schmap published photographer’ here. A nice little bonus for sharing.

Author: Kate Wilson

Actor, director, teacher, dabbler with paint, serial traveller.

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